Overvolt i bosch


Are you IN? Answering this question couldn't be easier, just take a few moments to admire our new Overvolt i Bosch. Notice anything? You're looking at a product that's "IN".


IN step thanks to its streamlined design with that familiar mountain bike silhouette.

INvisible, its new ultra-compact Bosch battery is positioned inside the frame along the diagonal tube.


INnovative, the Overvolt i Bosch combines cutting-edge technology and a sporty flair, a mountain bike build with award-winning electric expertise: perfect overlap to raise your biking exploits to new heights.

So, are you IN?


The IN experience is all about adapting the technological environment to meet your expectations. Our culture and expertise assemble all the latest advances in creating an ideal product mix. More than ever, our integration talents are showcased in this new Overvolt i Bosch, while preserving the characteristics of quintessential mountain biking pleasure.
Both INtense and INcomparable, the experience offered by this bike is the stuff of dreams.


A Bosch Powertube 500 battery, installed inside the diagonal tube, masterfully combining lithium-ion technology, a compact design and an elegant aluminum finish. Easy to remove, transport and recharge thanks to an ingenious hatch system developed by Lapierre.


OST+ suspension: For purists and those regularly looking for a fully off-road riding experience, this system guarantees thes best feeling thanks to the 150mm of travel and a shorter rear triangle of 10mm compared to the Carbon version.


High-performance Bosch CX 25 km/h motor: powerful, versatile and extremely efficient. Leading reference in the electric mountain bike market. The performance line CX is available with a anti chainsuck technology developed by Lapierre Team.


Dual Wheel System Technology: Compatible with 27.5-inch wheels and, by simply returning the rear brackets, with larger sizes as well. Two bikes in one for unrivaled versatility.


Supreme 5 alloy: Industry reference for reliability and longevity.


When we developed this new integrated model, we strived to preserve the essence of the Overbolt. An uncompromising mountain bike spirit to ensure that the joy of riding remains intact. We apply this philosophy to all our models, and the Overvolt Carbon provides the prime example.

Today it has become a bona fide reference in the electric mountain bike market and influences every single model we create. Overbolt is synonymous with widely accepted technological breakthroughs used to underpin new model development.

The Overvolt i Bosch is the perfect blend between our flagship mountain bike, the Zesty, and the Overvolt Carbon, offering a maximum level of versatility, motor performance and 100% off-road thrills. Aficionados will appreciate this bike for its power/finesse sweet spot at the handlebar, while more novice riders will relish its comfort and stability features.

Nicolas Vouilloz
10-time World Downhill
Mountain Bike champion

Lapierre Awards

Lapierre enjoys the role as pioneer and leader in the electric segment thanks to recognized and renowned expertise. Winner of 4 awards including the most prestigious in the trade, our electric mountain bikes, including Overvolt i Bosch, are currently considered among the market's top-performing models.

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